Workshop at .NET Fringe 2016

As the title suggests, I will be leading a workshop at .NET fringe along with a colleague of mine, Jared Schaab.  This is the first workshop I have led, and I am equal parts excited and nervous.  In addition to the workshop, I will be writing a series of blogs that will focus on front end development and .NET Core development.

More information for the workshop may be found here and more information on .NET Fringe may be found here.

Building Smart Microservice Clients with React, React-Router and Redux


Topics covered in the workshop

  • How to host pure JS clients in a NET Core 1.0 web application (no IIS)
  • How to write a simple JS client that consumes .NET microservices
  • How to build React JS web applications in a .NET Core world
  • How to implement a simple SPA middleware for .NET core 1.0
  • How to incorporate React-Router to build a robust SPA
  • How to incorporate Redux into your React applications

Topics that will NOT be covered

  • How to build microservices in .NET Core 1.0
  • How to build Isomorphic JS applications
  • How to become a Webpack expert
  • How to take over the world